faulpelz ([personal profile] faulpelz) wrote2012-05-07 03:40 am

The fellow with a sore throat from hell

I have never revealed this secret on line, mainly because I don't care. Terrible isn't it? But I felt some compassion at last. My secret is the only one that works. Tried Cloraseptic (to much mucus and only a little masked relief); tried the salt gargle (I'm not an ocean dwelling creature); tried antibiotics, which only shorten the menacing affliction by a day, if that. So long ago, out of horrid desperation, I took two Nature Made chewable vitamin C tabs and put one each in the right and left side pouches of my mouth, behind the teeth and shut. They dissolve very slowly but do noting if you crush them and swallow quickly. I even have, over the years, gone to sleep with them in there. They are not a miracle, but believe me, if there is one thing viruses and other monsters of infections hate it is vitamin C in constant doses. And there is less mucus which causes coughing and spitting. I have two Cs in my mouth now, for an ugly sore throat, and I'm winning. Hope that helps. Bon voyage, amigos.